Rules and Guidelines

The following rules and guidelines are for all members of USATMA.

  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing to work out in. White uniforms are not required until the completion of the first test (Yellow belt), and may be purchased from the instructor. Padding or protective gear are not used in our class (unless authorized by the instructor).
  • To avoid possible injury during class, there will be no footwear, no jewelry or gum chewing and fingernails and toenails should be clipped. Any other possible hazards noted by the instructor also must be taken care of. (Wedding rings that you don't want to remove should be taped).
  • Yellow belts and higher are expected to attend class in full, clean uniforms. Tae kwon do t-shirts and plain t-shirts are permissible except during free-style sparring (uniform tops required).
  • All students must show respect for instructors and fellow students. Any misconduct or display of unsportsmanlike attitude will NOT be tolerated.
  • All students are expected to learn from one another in class. Advanced belts are obligated to instruct lower belts. Lower belts should always feel free to ask for help from either a higher belt or the instructor.
  • Arrive early, change clothes, and stretch. Be ready to begin class on time.  If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to the instructor or upper belt students at any time.
  • Use class time to your advantage.  If temporarily not assigned to a specific activity, work on your own or with a classmate, practicing basics or forms
  • All students are expected to stretch and practice at home between classes.
  • No student is permitted to practice any forms higher than their level.  
  • Advancing to higher belts is based upon attitude, performance, attendance, and individual's rate of progress. The instructor is the only one authorized to appoint students for higher belt tests. Advancements to Black Belt levels are awarded by the Masters Review Board.  Your instructor will inform you when you are ready to test for the next belt level.  It is improper to ask your instructor when you will be testing.  (Actually you are being observed and tested in every class). Note: It is a good idea to ask, "What should I be working on to prepare for the next test?"
  • Always bow on entering and leaving the classroom (Do Jang) to show respect, even if the room is empty, unless your hands are full carrying equipment.  Students should also bow to upper belts or instructors after receiving instruction.  When bowing, the feet should be together, hands at your side, and eyes looking toward your instructor or opponent.