Student and/or Parent Testimonials

Below are testimonials from students or parents of students.  Their names are withheld to protect their privacy.  If you'd like to submit a testimonial please email
I just can't thank you enough for working with my son.  I was afraid that due to his age (a very young eight) that his attention span would drive you nuts as it does me.  You have only proven to me that you are  great in working with him.  I also love how the others in class work with him, it is a great combo.
My 10-year old son has been taking classes with the Ridge Tae Kwon Do Club for over a year now.  His strength and coordination have improved, and his self-confidence has skyrocketed.  Ed maintains a classroom environment based on respect that allows students to have fun while making serious, focused progress.  No-contact sparring takes the fear out of class, so students can practice their fighting skills without worrying about getting hurt while learning.
Ed's Tae Kwon Do class is a really good workout for adults that includes cardio, balance, strength, and coordination.  All levels of ability are welcomed and accommodated.  Self-defense is an integral part of each class, so you're not only getting great exercise, but you're also learning ways to protect yourself, an especially useful skill for women.  I started taking classes 6 years ago, and am stronger and more fit now than I was before I had kids.